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tDCS for Depression

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is an effective therapy for treatment-resistant depression (TRD), major depressive disorder (MDD) and bipolar disorder (BP). For the 40% of depressed patients who do not respond to antidepressants, tDCS can provide relief and remission. tDCS provides additional benefit when added to an antidepressant regimen. There is a 10% reduction of depression scores per week of tDCS treatment.

Compared to transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), tDCS is safer, easier to do and equally effective. The Brain Stimulation Clinic Home-Use Program provides training and supervision for self-administration, making tDCS convenient and affordable. The life-time cost of tDCS is less than two weeks of TMS.

tDCS is uniquely beneficial for patients who cannot take or tolerate antidepressants, who do not respond to antidepressants, and for whom antidepressants are contraindicated, such as adolescents and pregnant women.

tDCS is especially effective for elderly depressed patients. Antidepressants are frequently inadequate or incompatible with their current medications and untreated depression is closely linked to angina and heart attacks.