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Featured in The New Yorker Magazine

"Electrified: Adventures in transcranial direct-current stimulation" - April 6, 2015

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Physical and Mental Enhancement 

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) augments physical and rehabilitation therapies for stroke and traumatic brain injury. By enhancing neuro-plasticity, tDCS improves and hastens the recovery process for both motor and cognitive function.

Applying these principles to sports training, tDCS stimulation of the motor cortex increases strength, endurance and performance. tDCS facilitates the achievement of optimal personal performance faster and more efficiently than training alone, although tDCS provides no improvement beyond what can be achieved with unaided workouts. Motor function is only one component of sports performance. The Brain Stimulation Clinic is the only facility to utilize tDCS to enhance visual perception and visual motor motor skills and reduce sports anxiety. 

Cognitive enhancement with tDCS improves attention, memory and learning. tDCS improves working memory which boosts mental performance speed and accelerates the learning process. tDCS can selectively enhance language and mathematical ability, with improvement persisting up to six months. tDCS provides relief from constricting mental subsets, resulting in greater creative insight. tDCS also compensates for age-related cognitive decline.

For disabilities and rehabilitation, tDCS optimizes physical, occupational, language and educational therapies to achieve the maximum benefit.

For career, academic and athletic pursuits, tDCS improves performance and achievement.